Chants to the Most Holy Mother of God
Masterpieces of orthodox music

17-th and 18-th century Russian choral music

Fiesta de Musica
Spanish and Latin American music

J. Brahms
«Songs of love» op.52, «New songs of love» op.65, «Gipsy songs» op.103, "Alt Rhapsody"op.53

F. Schubert
«The Fair miller-maid» Transcription for Choral Theatre

R. Schumann
«Dreaming» - songs, vocal enembles, piano works; «Spanish songs»

Bells rang
Russian folklore

Laughter through sounds
or “Many a little makes…” Brilliant classical musical firework

E. Fertelmeister "Songs of heart"
Concert-rhapsody on Jewish themes for soloists, chorus, a violin, a clarinet and a piano

Italian motives
Masterpieces of Italian music (canzone, Neapolitan songs, concert works by Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti etc.)

Romantic Salon
Works by Russian composers (Dargomyzhsky, Glinka, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Taneyev, Sviridov...)

G. Gobernik «Gross Quodlibet»
Concert in persons after Germany folklore

D. Shostakovich
"From Jewish Folk Poetry", "Satires" (Pictures of the Past), "Antiformalistic Peep-show (Rayok)".

Russian composers's works by A. S. Pushkin

M. Bronner
«Long Returning» Motives and scenes from the life of the Jewish town.

Sentimental Salon
Russian city romances and folk songs

I got Rythm!
Spirituals, fragments from musicals. Jazz compositions, music by American composers of XX-th centure.

M. Bronner
"Russian Decameron"